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Alternative CPA & Consulting is a team of problem solvers and thinkers. Together, we have the vision, insight, and expertise to puzzle out even the most complex of solutions.

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We keep our team intentionally small to ensure you have a personalized experience, every time.

Experienced & Insightful

Our team members have years of experience and insight that we draw from with each client in our care.

Creative & Resourceful

We thrive with an opportunity to think outside the box, and keep up to date on the latest rules and regulations relevant to your needs.

The Team


Jennifer Phillips

Areas of Expertise: Tax, Accounting, Strategy

Jennifer's superpower is in communicating incredibly complex and complicated matters in simple terms that anyone can understand and access.

With nearly 20 years accounting experience, mainly in Public Accounting, and holding a Master's in Taxation from Sturm College of Law at The University of Denver, Jennifer is an eminently qualified CPA. She loves working with and analyzing data and uses her passion for statistics and logic to synthesize insights into financial data unmatched by anyone in her field.

When she's not considering the most technical aspects of her client's finances and giving invaluable insights to businesses of all sizes, she is a dedicated mother, loving wife, and avid snowboarder.


Timothy Fry

Areas of Expertise: Accounting, Tech, Strategy

Timothy has been creating and writing code since 1980. His expertise is in pioneering uncharted territory in the confluence between technology and how people approach work. With a deep background in systems, programming, accounting, and business, Tim is able to see "the way through", piercing the veil between real-world obstacles and their digital solutions.

Tim loves meeting new people who choose to see apparent obstacles as opportunities, and he loves to engage in collaboration where everyone works to expand possibility.

Senior Tax Accountant

Tonya Lowrey, EA, LTC

Areas of Expertise: Finance, Accounting & Tax

Tonya has worked in finance, accounting and tax for over 20 years. She decided to become an accountant at 17 when she took her first accounting course and was seduced by the symmetry of field. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Finance from the University of Southern California and followed up with Post-Baccalaureate studies in Accounting at California State University, Long Beach. She spent 10 years working in the private sector as a corporate accountant before discovering the amazing world of tax accounting. Tonya often says that “Tax” is one of the greatest games ever invented. The winner is the one who can navigate the complex tax codes, rules and regulations, find the right deductions, and pay the least amount of tax. After spending a few years working as a tax accountant, Tonya studied and became an Enrolled Agent qualified to practice before the IRS. If asked to describe what an Enrolled Agent does, she’ll tell you that they are Jedi Knights, helping people understand the tax code and defending them against IRS inquiry. Tonya loves being a Jedi.
Senior Accountant

Deb Phillips

Areas of Expertise: Accounting

Deb has nearly 40 years of bookkeeping experience, beginning using Peachtree software in her mother’s small business as a teenager.  She has extensive experience in Construction and Residential Real Estate rental accounting.  She also has payroll, purchasing, and accounts payable experience and has expert knowledge of QuickBooks® software.
Tax Staff

Lily Hartman

Areas of Expertise: Tax

IT Engineer

Will Greenway

Areas of Expertise: Technology, Support

Much like Odin, Will appears to be a simple wanderer, but he is actually the Norse God of IT. In his spare time he works as an engineer, professional photographer, builder, and Skoolie living adventurer.

He loves the outdoors and is always ready for an adventure. Will welcomes new ideas and is always open to lend a helping hand when it comes to pesky tech problems.

Executive Assistant

Emily Aerni

Areas of Expertise: Business Administration

When she joined the Alternative CPA & Consulting team in 2020, Emily brought with her over 20 years of office experience, six of which were specifically in accounting and tax firms. She boasts a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, along with an infectious, fun energy and a can-do perspective.

Her extensive background, from a variety of work environments, gives her the ability to see the broad picture while maintaining close attention to detail. These aspects converge, giving her the ability to intuitively understand the most effective ways to manage daily office operations and hear what each client truly needs. Emily gives the gift of personable, reliable, and consistent service to those around her, and she enjoys meeting people, cultivating new relationships, and creating open lines of communication.