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We work with start-ups and existing businesses to actualize their goals, optimize their systems, and operate in the smoothest, most cost-effective manner for success.

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What Does a Consultant Do?

As consultants, it’s our job to listen, analyze, and critically assess your business and operations. We’ll lean into our experience and expertise, objectively troubleshooting your areas of improvement, providing strategies to enhance the performance of your business.

  Identifies Problem Areas

Brainstorms Solutions

  Optimizes Processes

Timothy Fry & Jennifer Phillips

Timothy and Jennifer are a consulting duo that specialize in taking complex problems and breaking them down into approachable, systematic pieces to help others build their dreams. With extensive backgrounds in tax, accounting, IT, financial planning, and more, their unique insight is matched only by their compassion, empathy, and eagerness to listen and learn.

Business Optimization Services

We combine accounting, process analysis, and clear communication to identify areas of improvement and optimization that are in harmony with your company’s vision. We'll observe workflow and processes, review financials and books, and assess management and interpersonal dynamics.

Business Structuring Services

We provide personalized guidance on properly structuring new and existing businesses. Additionally, we offer strategies and planning for scaling existing businesses into future growth, including tax, accounting, and IT infrastructure.

All Services

  • Cash flow forecasting 
  • Performance analysis 
  • Budgeting 
  • Board meeting presentations 
  • Executive coaching 
  • Meeting facilitation 
  • Buy/sell transactions 
  • Management consulting 
  • Succession planning 
  • Optimizing outside financial capital 
  • Litigation support 
  • Accounting software selection and setup Internal controls 
  • Fraud protection
  • Technology 
  • Mergers and acquisitions 

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