Tax Strategy & Preparation Services

You are not a one size fits all operation. We don't think your tax strategy should be either.

Tax success doesn't have to be stressful.

When it comes to navigating taxes for your personal or business endeavors, your strategy should be as unique as you are.

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Accounting Methods

If you’re a businesses with an increase in profits, or are on the verge of paying income tax, you might benefit from an examination of your tax accounting methods. By implementing the right strategies, you could reduce your tax expenses, and improve your business’ profits.

Compensation & Benefits

Good employees are worth supporting, and getting your business set up with the right compensation and benefits packages is complicated. But, we’re here to help you navigate things like employee benefit packages, healthcare programs, and retirement planning, and more.

Federal Tax Controversy & Dispute Resolution (IRS Representation)

Sometimes the IRS will assess your taxes and issue fines or penalties based on their findings. But, sometimes, their conclusions aren’t correct. If you’re being audited by the IRS or want to prevent audits in the future, we can help. We’ll lean into our extensive experience of navigating IRS controversy, and get you back on track for success.

State & Local Tax Controversy & Dispute Resolution (State Representation)

State and local tax controversies and disputes can occur for a wide variety of reasons, in realms like income tax, sales tax, franchise tax, employee tax, property tax, and more. And handling those disputes appropriately can save you from incurring large bills. We’ll get you set up for success, and help you structure your taxes to better prepare for controversies in the future.

Information Reporting & Withholding

We’ll lean in to our experience and insight to come up with a proactive strategy that focuses on setting up processes to enable accurate and timely information reporting and withholding compliance.

Tax Structuring

When trying to decide how to structure your business, considering the goals for your company is key. We’ll help decipher which structure will be the most tax-efficient for your unique composition and set you up for legal, financial, and beneficial success.

International Tax

When navigating setting up a business for complying with international tax regulations, you need people with the experience to set you up for success. We’re here for your multinational businesses needs, like foreign taxation, financing arrangements, sourcing, import-export considerations, and more.

Personal Taxes

Personal taxes can be stressful and hard to manage, especially if you’re not set up for success. We’ll provide an alternative to the big-box tax preparation services, and come up with a personal strategy that can save you time and money every tax season.

State & Local Taxes

State and local tax regulations are a complicated and ever-changing web of rules, codes, and regulations. Work with a professional to make sure you and your business are in compliance, and set yourself up to report and withhold in the smoothest, most efficient way.

Our Approach:

We offer long-format tax services, dedicating the appropriate amount of time and personnel to handle the complexity of your unique circumstances. This alternative to same-day tax services means you'll end up with the best, most accurate results possible for you and your business.
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We Take the Time to do it Right

To ensure each client is given their due diligence, we have a multi-step tax preparation process that involves multiple personnel working on your tax return over the course of a few days or weeks, depending upon its complexity.

When You Work With Us, You Work With a Team

When we take on a new client, we get multiple team members involved to check and double check the work being done. By having multiple professionals involved on each project, we make sure every person and business working with us is treated with the care they deserve.

We Prepare, Optimize, Review, and Optimize Again.

We understand that tax time can be stressful for people and businesses. We don't take the opportunity to work with you lightly. Each tax return in our care is meticulously prepared, optimized, reviewed, and optimized again by multiple tax professionals.

Jennifer has given us good advice regarding converting our parents' home into vacation rental business. I most appreciated that she was proactive with her feedback and responded with a sense of urgency even if we were not pressed for time. It clearly shows that she's on top of the game.

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